Commercials/ Online Content

Create buzz with emotive commercials,
vignettes and micro-films for social media,
OOH, mobile and broadcast.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Break the boundaries of reality with motion
graphics and animation.

Brand & Corporate Videos

Showcase your company with impact, while
keeping things fresh.

Broadcast TV Series

Stories transformation and issues that matter:
we bring real-life to reel-life, with soul.

What You Can Expect

Ivan Cai,

Co-Founder, The I Quadrant

Absolutely astonishing! The video has helped us generate $129k revenue in JUST TWO WEEKS.

Before The I Quadrant engaged MooMoo Digital, our cost per lead was in the region of $40-50. After using the video for our marketing, we were able to bring the cost down to ONLY $6/lead.  Saving us $34 for every lead!

The process was truly simple and their team were professional and responsive. The only regret is that we did not engage MooMoo for their Video Marketing earlier.

MooMoo Videos:
Ideas brought to life

We’re not just a Digital Agency

We create original, high-converting video content.

Did you know that traditional production houses charge in excess of 50k for most videos and the ROI is almost non-existent? You’ll be convinced that it builds brand awareness but the average watch time for video is LESS than three seconds.

Let’s be honest, traditional production houses are out of touch when in comes to social media content and are overpriced for the ROI they generate. Save yourself from social spending hell today!

Not just PRETTY,

Having conducted extensive research and through our experience of successfully creating and analyzing thousands of Facebook and Instagram campaigns, as well as producing captivating advertising videos for diverse range of clientele, we have identified a pattern which has allowed us to reliably optimize our client’s ROI.


Many agencies focus heavily on the short-term results and use destructive/manipulative techniques to generate such results. They completely ignore the dangerous effects of these aggressive banners and clickbait content and that will cultivate a negative association with your brand and undermine all the work you’ve done to build an engaging, credible brand. These ads will never generate an ROI as high as quality contextual ads and engaging video.

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